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otherwise people will look thinner and thinner

and should wear swollen clothing

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floral person's portrait graffiti

the soft texture

The colors can be gray, taupe, light gray, etc., to increase the sense of expansion . Twill person with a long body shape wears a suit, it is best to wear a three-piece suit, because wearing pattern is better for the clothin

large grid is also good

Make the chest appear wider

The woolen material can be considered first, and it is best not to choose the kitchen gadgets mall straight pattern. Men with small  bust should wear maternity leggings tighter bust clothes, so that they clothing can fill up the clothes can make corset top look fatter if you wear a big bust then okay dog shop wrong. The big clothes Gadget for Kitchen make you look Cooking Utensils thinner waistcoat can make the flat and narrow Coffee Glass Mugs upper body appear rich When matching clothing colors, a strong contrast should Tools In Kitchen formed between the colors of tops and shirts, or between tops and trousers. This can increase the width from the sensation and make the person look

think that a small bust

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you wear knitted garments, you can choose horizontal stripes, but not vertical stripes. The tie should be wide and the

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 color should be bright. In order to make the face look wider, you can leave the sideburns of your hair

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thick and plump. Petite body, are you tweeting about what clothes you wear to look good? Tell you a secret

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long wide-leg pants can make your body look less thin and thin. Various reasons, including genes

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make our body look a little thin and thin, and there is a relatively narrow choice in dressing and matching.

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There is no way! But don’t forget that clothing can change the overall image of a person. Look at the feeling.


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